Monday, February 2, 2009

Aprony Goodness

Call me old fashioned but I love aprons, there is something so domestic and almost nurturing about tying those apron strings around my waist. Not only are they functional but they are beautiful too, especially the vintage ones. Even my children love to put them on, they run to the drawer where they are kept and get excited about choosing the one they want to wear, especially if its one of mommy's.

The following are some of the aprons that I've thrifted that I wanted to share. And now that I have my new china cabinet with drawers I have a place to store them and room for more.

I love the pink pockets on this one and the vintage floral fabric is fabulous.
I think this is my favourite one, with a dish cloth sewn on and a pocket, the best! Sorry the picture is sideways, I still haven't found that little camera instruction book.
Gotta love the paisley fabric and pocket, very cute.

The embroidery on this apron is unbelievable, so much stitching and I love the gingham.

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  1. Oh I like the checkered one with the dish cloth, maybe I'll have to wear it next weekend when we come to VISIT!!
    Love Auntie Z