Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh Happy Thrifting

I have had some pretty amazing thrifting finds lately and thought that I would share a few.
First, a desk for Madison's newly painted pink bedroom.  She's really excited about her "art" desk as she calls it and has already decided what she will keep in each drawer. Of course it needs some sanding and paint but Daddy is as always happy to pick up and fix up my thrifting finds.

Next is the odd looking but unique bench for the entrance. It has these really weird storage compartments on either side, not sure why the handles are there.
And the best find is this 1970's retro style china cabinet that is in almost perfect condition. I got it for $25 which was actually 50% off! I was holding my breath while buying it, before they put the "Sold, waiting for pick-up" sign on it. I love the shelves with sliding glass doors, one side holds my silver tea set and china tea cups and other side has Madison's tea set. She couldn't believe that I was actually letting her put it in there. The bottom holds my serving dishes, has drawers for my silver ware and linens and the other side holds my china which I can actually use now. Of course this also means that I now have more room to store more thrifted tea sets and linen!

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