Monday, July 20, 2009

My Absence Excuses

My lack of postings are due to the following excuses:

:: no internet access, but just with my username (hmmm ?)

:: the camera was last in Scott's possession which he thinks he left in the shed which has the basketball sized hornet's nest in it!

So once I get these two issues dealt with I will be back to regular postings but for now I'm taking my time and enjoying the lazy days of summer with the kids (poor Daddy has to go to work).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Medieval Festival

We went to the Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival since Sir Carter is so interested in knights and castles. It was incredible and we going back next year but in costume. Carter and Gabe can be knights, Madison a princess, I'll be a gypsy and Scott can wear a Peter Pan hat!

Madison and Scott making candles.

His sword is bigger than him!

This was a real Heavy Armour Jousting Match, they actually went at each other full force and knocked each other off their horses.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Upper Canada Pioneer Village

In keeping with our learning about pioneer living we took a family trip to the Upper Canada Pioneer Village to explore what life would have been like for Canadian pioneers in the 1860s. I was the most excited and interested and would like to go back by myself. This part of Canadian history really interests me and I can't stop reading about it. There is something that captivates me about truly living off the land and a simplier way of life. Our pioneers worked hard and endured many hardships yet their lifestyle still appeals to me. I do believe that I am a 19th century soul livng in a 21st century body.

Here a few of the many photos I took with a link underneath in case you want to read some more.


Tinsmith's Shop

General Store

The Dressmaker's Shop

The School House

Spinning & Weaving

Monday, July 6, 2009

Crafting Duathlon

This shirt and skirt for Madison was my crafting duathlon combining both knitting and sewing. Its the Summerlin from Kathryn Ivy. The bodice is knit and the bottom portion is sewn on with a matching skirt. It is knit with Sublime Organic Cotton dk and the fabric is a 100% cotton. I made it really big so that it will fit her longer. We are both really happy about how it turned out.