Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Breakfast in Bed and a Dragon

The last two mornings I have awoken to a lovingly prepared breakfast tray in bed. Yes I can hear them quietly getting things ready in the kitchen and Madison ever so gracefully carrying the tray down the hall, I pretend to be asleep and pretend to be surprised. The first day Madi drank my juice box and the second day Carter ate my bagel. Oh how they spoil Mommy. I asked them why they didn't bring Daddy a tray and Madi replied, "We tried Mommy but he was too grumpy"! If only I could teach them how to make a pot of coffee.
I finished Carter's felt dragon for his castle. Oh how the battles ensue. You should hear the brave knights fighting the fierce dragon. He yells "I slain you dragon, I slain you".


  1. Great blog - we love to hear about the Simonini shenanigans. Keep the posts coming - I think if you keep it up - a book deal is a possibility!