Monday, January 5, 2009

Nature Table

We have been busy working on our first Winter Nature Table. We are using the table in the entrance so that Madison and Carter have access to it but Gabriel doesn't. Madi collected the bare branches with no leaves and Cart and Gabe collected the pine cones and evergreen boughs. The white play silk represents the snow and the candle represents the return of the sun.

The winter scene is this layered 4 Seasons Puzzle by Beleduc which was one of Madison's Christmas presents. She is really excited about the nature table, she takes it very seriously and enjoys showing it to any visitors and explaining what everything represents. I'm so proud.

This is Father Winter who is the personification of winter and my next crafting adventure. I've already made his head and of course his cloak will be made from felt and his beard from wool. I'm sure mine won't look like this but that is the beauty of hand made, I'll share a picture when I'm done. Although all crafting is now on hold as I have promised to finish Gabriel's (aka the baby who doesn't sleep) baby book and birth story for his first birthday.

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