Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the Red

Lately I have been drawn to red knits, particularly matching red knits for Gabriel and myself from our heads right down to our toes . . .

This is my new-to-me (aka thrifted) red knit purse and matching hat, love them.
And this is Gabriel's Llamajama red merino wool hand-knit snuggle suit which is absolutely gorgeous. Sorry there is no picture of my lil' M.I.T. (Man in Training) wearing it but he could barely tolerate diaper changes today never mind one of mamma's photo shoots.
Like I said we match right from our heads down to our toes. I with my red "Dorothy" shoes that I thrifted awhile back and Gabriel with his red wool Padraigs. I love this picture of me holding his hands while he learns to walk, so sweet.

Reading over this post two things come to mind:
1) When Gabe is older he is going to loath the fact that we matched so much and
2) Although I have been putting off learning how to knit until I finished some felting and sewing projects I think this proves that I am drawn to knits and need to learn soon.

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