Monday, January 12, 2009

Mother-ease = Happy Mother

I finally got around to selling my Happy Heinys one size pocket diapers on a local used website. It was surprisingly easy to do and there were many people wanting to buy them. I plan on selling more of our baby "stuff" that we don't use. And the one bumGenius one size pocket diaper I had well I gave it away for free. Good riddens I say. I would never recommend either of them, quite the opposite, they leaked, they stank, the velcro was disgusting and it was a pain to stuff the inserts.  

Now I am now a proud cloth diapering mother using Mother-ease one size organic diapers with snaps and the cutest covers I ever did see. Gabe seems more comfortable and they launder much better. And the best part its a Canadian company and of course I bought them at my favourite natural parenting store 3 Little Monkeys. I still love my prefolds and would recommend using them for newborns as its more cost effective. Its amazing how happy new cloth diapers can make me!

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