Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rainbow's End

We really are book obsessed around here! I thrifted these books for the kids awhile back and they have become our new favourites.  The series is called Rainbow's End, written by Jane Patience and illustrated by John Patience. They are the cutest stories ever and the illustrations are unbelievably enchanting.  They are a pleasure to read and fun to look at.

Here is the book's description of Rainbow's End:
"It is located at the end of the rainbow in Nutshell wood.  It can only be seen by humans when a rainbow is in the sky, otherwise it is invisible to everyone except the gnomes who live there and the woodland animals. The gnomes of Rainbow's End are jolly folk who are always busy. Lots of exciting and interesting things happen in the village and no one is ever bored."

We have Wooly Foot's Good Idea, Toby Claypot's Wishing Well and Toddy and the Fox. As far as I can tell there are 5 more in the series but I can't find them anywhere, not even at the library.  They are published by Peter Haddock Limited in Bridlington England. 

Madison sits at her new desk and copies the stories word by word in her little workbook, very studious, when she's done I'll share a picture.

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  1. I owned That Mouse Must Go. I lost it a long time ago and I'm still heart broken over the loss.