Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cuddle Blankets

This is our basket of "Cuddle Blankets" that the kids (and I) use everyday. I am always folding them and putting them in the basket which has become one of my everyday rituals and part of the rhythm of my day. As I was folding them today I stopped to look at each one and admire it and really think about what these lap quilts have come to mean to our family. They provide more than just a practical use, they warm the heart and soul, they provide comfort & nurturing and are even used for imaginative play.

They have many uses indeed:
  • to cuddle with during our "snuggle buggling" which involves making a "love cocoon" under the cuddle blanket (very popular)
  • cuddle blankets are also excellent for fort building
  • they make a great picnic blanket for both indoor & outdoor use
  • are a must for tea parties
  • cuddle blankets also make excellent beach blankets
  • they also double as a stroller blanket to keep little ones warm on a cold winter's day
This one I actually machine sewed myself before we had kids, my first and only attempt at quilting, without help, without a book, totally free form. I loved it and can't wait to take up quilting again. But, this time I think I might actually take a class and learn how to do it properly. (Focus, focus on one craft at a time!)
This red one was a gift and is completely hand quilted, its beautiful.
This cuddle blanket was made by a very dear childhood friend of mine, I think of her every time we use it. Its machine quilted and beautiful, this one is Carter's favourite. 
This is Madison's choice as favourite cuddle blanket because of the rainbow.  Its thrifted and I would love to know who made it and the story behind it.

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  1. I love seeing that quilt again! Can't believe I created that and sad to think it was the last one I finished. Good inspiration to get me back at it. I'm so glad it has been well used and loved.