Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loving Baby Wearing

I have got to spread the word about the ERGO Baby Carrier. I didn't discover it until my third baby was 6 months old and I wish I knew about it 5 years ago. So worth the investment (it retails for about $115). I've tried pocket slings, ring slings, mei tai and others but the Ergo is by the far the best over all. Included in the many benefits of baby wearing, and there are many, is the elimination of the need for a stroller. Gabriel did not sit is a stroller until about age 1! The best is the back carry which means you are hands free but it also works well for the front carry too. Even Carter at 3 years old loves to be carried in mommy's back pack. Its very comfortable and easy to use for multiple wearers. 
(Oh, and did I mention that its available at 3 Little Monkeys!)


  1. Do you know where I can buy one for $25??

  2. It's a great carrier, it's been available in Ottawa for several years now, at Milkface and The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe. Anonymous, you might be able to find one on Freecycle, if you post a LF ad.