Friday, February 20, 2009

Mamma Needs a New Chair

I'm sad to say that my glider is on its final glides. The arm is broken and won't stayed glued together, the cushions have no cushioning left, springs are missing & you need to sit on a pillow and screws randomly fall out of it while gliding. 

The thing is I've had this glider for over 5 years now, since I was pregnant with my first. It holds countless memories for us and has unmeasurable sentimental value. When I think about the amount of glides it provided for my babes and me it melts my heart. The nurturing it helped provide, the breastfeeding, the rocking to sleep, the consoling, the cuddles, just last week I rocked my five year old when she was sick. Plus now I like to sit in it and knit (how little old lady of me!). 

Farewell my friend, thanks for the glides, thanks for the love.
The time has come to choose a new chair. I really don't want another nursery looking baby glider but a nice upholstered chair that glides. Glide baby glide. This is the Hazel Glider by Serena & Lily. I love the casual look of this one and it looks so inviting & comfortable to sit in.
This is the Luca Glider by Monte which is a Canadian company and is sold at a local retailer. This one is more modern looking but I like the fact that its made right here in Ontario and the company is big on sustainability.

They both come in every colour combination imaginable, are about the same price & take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Isn't that just about the right amount of time for Mother's Day?
Another option, and a much cheaper one, is going with a traditional mission style rocking chair.
Oh please help me decide.

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