Monday, March 30, 2009

Rainbow Procion Dyeing Tutorial

(picture courtesy BTRT)

Lori of Beneath the Rowan Tree has an amazing Rainbow Procion Dyeing Tutorial for purchase from her Etsy shop that I really wanted to share. This is something I am going to do but, only after I finish up some of my current works in progress!

Its a 10 page tutorial for creating colourful rainbow items, which are suitable for all plant fiber which includes cotton, bamboo, hemp etc. The tutorial includes 20+ pictures, clear, detailed instructions and loads of tips & tricks. It will walk you through dyeing a pair of cotton tights, but is applicable to anything at all: clothing, sheets, wraps and more. The tutorial provides information on dyeing with Procion (fiber reactive) dyes. The tutorial costs $6.50 (USD), and will be emailed to you in a PDF file. The tutorial itself and all the content and images are copyright of BTRT but it can be used to make items for commercial purposes.

How cool is this, oh the possibilities . . !

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  1. cool! I can't wait to see what you come up with! I love Beneath the Rowan Tree - she is on Hyena too.