Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fort Simoninigan

4 chairs + 2 blankets = 3 happy children
This is Madison's "Girl Club" behind our bar. It is very elaborately set up & everything has a certain place. If someone goes in and moves something she knows right away. Entrance requires a secret password, I know it but I am sworn to secrecy.
Carter's forts are just as elaborate as his sister's but his are so imaginative, he will tell you all about it and show you around but don't try to go in!
If there is one thing the Simoninigans like to do its build forts. Plus, according to Madison I am an expert fort builder and repairer. 
  • Sometimes the forts are a simple blanket over a chair and sometimes they are extremely elaborate with different rooms set up. 
  • Sometimes they build them together and sometimes they are as unique and individual as their personalities and require a secret password to get in. 
  • Sometimes we, oops I mean they, have snack time or lunch in their forts and one time we even ate our dinner under the dining room table fort! 
  • Sometimes they only last a little while and sometimes they stay set up for days.
And no one ever knows what will happen in the fort, I've witnessed tea parties, dragon fighting, giving birth to dolls (with Carter as the midwife!) and all sorts of shenanigans.  I love how all they need is the blanket and maybe the pillow from their bed to make their imaginations soar. 

One thing is for sure, I love fort building as much as my kids do.

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  1. Reading your Blog has become the high light of our day. Nice way to keep in touch. Keep the good work up.
    Mom and Dad