Friday, March 6, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

Much to my amusement and liking Madison loves to do everything I do, say everything I say, go where I go, eat what I eat, wear what I wear and so forth. As much as I want and encourage her to develop her own personality I do love the fact that she loves to copy me so much. They say that a child's strongest influence is the same sex parent. That is a lot of responsibility and pressure sometimes but, it is also such an opportunity and privilege. Unfortunately, she has also developed an addiction to chocolate and all things sweet just like Mommy.

We recently got matching recipe boxes with fairies on them (of course). Organizing my recipes is something I have been meaning to do for a while now but I couldn't find the right box and cards to inspire the laborious endeavor. Well now I have found them and Madi had to have her own, she loves to sit beside me and copy her recipes down too.
And these are the best . . . matching Amy Butler craft caddies! She has her embroidery and felt in hers and I currently have my knitting in mine. Although I usually don't buy anything new when I saw these I knew we had to have them, how could I resist the pink Amy Butler design?

WIP Update 
  • I finally finished one leg warmer and even though I vowed not to make the second I have cast it on my needles.
  • I finally cleared off my craft table to make room for my sewing machine but, sadly she is broken, her tension is off and the thread keeps breaking. I even brought her to the local quilting store and they couldn't get her going. So off to the sewing machine clinic she goes for a well deserved rest & repair.

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  1. Ooh I wouldn't have been able to resist the amy butler caddies either - super cute. I hope your sewing machine feels better soon ;)