Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Nature Bag

We have been very busy lately exploring and observing nature using our Nature Bag. The kids have really been enjoying this and are extremely enthusiastic which fortunately for me is quite contagious. The plan is to share some of our nature journal on the blog, so we'll start with the contents of our nature bag . . .

The actual bag itself is a thrift find and one that Scott wants for himself but Madison won't give it up. The plan was to sew personalized bags for the kids but this will have to do for now. I have included a sketch pad and pencil crayons to keep record with.

The Easter Bunny brought the kids a wooden HABA compass and magnifying glass with a metal box for safe keeping.

I have also included binoculars, bug viewer and a whistle and bear bell for each child because you just never know when you might run into a bear or other wild animal! As well as a LED lantern for night-time nature walks which Carter has really taken a liking to.

These are our specimen jars for displaying our findings on the nature table. I did have these in the bag but quickly realized glass wasn't such a good idea so we had to switch to plastic bags (ugh!).

And of course our books: the first one is Keeping a Nature Journal and the second is Fun with Nature a Take-Along Guide which is an amazing reference book for kids, I would highly recommend this one.

For some other great ideas about what to keep in your field guide check out this.

And The Magnifying Glass is an amazing online nature journal.

Happy Trails!

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  1. FUN! Tell Carter that I love late night nature walk too. You should look for some inexpensive headlamps (m.e.c has them) great for walking through the woods at night. Any cougars in your area. Be careful with the bear bells because the Park Wardens have warned us not to use these because they attract the big kitty's. Probably different if not in the mountains but just checking. If no cougars bear bells and lots of yelling and singing and carrying on will do the trick. Have Fun!