Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've Made Myself a Committment

Here's my disclaimer: this post is all about me, not my kids, not my family, not even my crafting . . . its all about me, so keep reading if you want to.

I want to be runner, and always have. However, I always had an excuse why I couldn't run: I'm pregnant, breastfeeding, too tired, blablabla, you get the point. But, fortunately I've run out of excuses. So last week, with my Mom's encouragement, I splurged and bought myself a pair of motion control running shoes. So now I've committed myself to running and I'm really excited about it.

Running is almost the perfect form of exercise, it can be done anywhere, anytime and the only cost is the fancy shoes for your feet (and maybe for some a good sports bra). You get fresh air, get to enjoy nature and probably see parts of the city you wouldn't otherwise. Of course there are the cardiovascular and muscular benefits. 

I'm doing this for myself, by myself, on my own terms. I have promised myself to maintain realistic expectations and not get too discouraged in the beginning. I think its really important for my kids to see me enjoying exercise and doing something for myself. I have to lead by example since I'm trying to teach them, "Its better to have a body in shape than to obsess about the shape of your body".

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU! You have take time for yourself and do something you enjoy. Hey if it's exercise that's even better. It's so great to hear about your family but nice to hear just about you too. Keep it up, and think of the endorphins and energy you'll get after every run.