Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celebration Bunting/Flags/Garland

I finished sewing our Celebration Bunting/Flags/Garland (whatever you want to call them). The multi-coloured polkadots are an old pair of my pajama bottoms and the other coordinating stripes and polkadots I purchased new to match. 
  1. I created a 6 x 8 template out of sturdy cardboard but, you could make them whatever size you want to
  2. Using the template and my rotary cutter, I cut the triangles from the fabric, you can make as many as you want
  3. Using the same template I cut out triangles out of a really thick (almost starchy) white cotton, to back them with
  4. Sew them together (right sides out) along the two long sides of the triangle 
  5. Trim the edges with pinking shears to stop the fabric from fraying 
  6. I then made some bias tape with the same sturdy white cotton  
  7. Sew the flags into the bias tape using a fancy zigzag stitch making sure to leave enough at both ends for tying or hanging.
These can be used as decoration any time of the year for a child's bedroom, playroom or outside. But, they can also be used as seasonal decorations by changing the fabric choices. They make a great green alternative to disposable crepe birthday banners. And can be personalized by using applique or freezer paper stenciling to write on the flags.

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  1. What a great use of old fabric. I love it. Thanks for the directions I will be making these for my porch!