Friday, June 5, 2009

A Polka dot Dress

Polka dot dress + matching head band = Happy little girl

I sewed Madison's doll "Sasha" a polka dot dress and matching head band, made out of an old pair of my pajama pants and no pattern. The addition of the bias tape as a belt is Madison's doing, she does like to accessorize. She has now put in a request for an apron, bloomers and a knit sweater . . . no problem, Sasha is going to have a better wardrobe than me!


  1. Cute! And I bet sasha likes a change from wearing yellow all the time.


  2. You have been busy girlfriend! Love all the wonderful posts, sorry I've been away and then fam visiting so a little crazy around here. No pattern for Sasha's dress? very talented! I find it hard to sew without absolute direction:)