Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Little Big Boy

Carter found a friend caterpillar yesterday and named him "Harry".  He giggled as he walked across his fingers and was so gentle with him. Eventually he did drop him in the grass and couldn't find him but continued to look and call his name. "Mama I can't find Harry and I've looked everywhere for him, I think he's lost". I hope he didn't step on him while looking!

I can also officially announce that Carter is fully potty trained now! We are so proud of him and he is also very proud of himself. We put him in underwear starting last Saturday morning and he tried and tried all day with no success. Now since Sunday he hasn't had any accidents and dry diapers in the mornings! It took one day. There really is something to be said about waiting until the child is ready and not the parent and not focussing on their age. Oh, and some gummy worms as bribes and cool underwear help too.


  1. Thanks for the advice. Our son is 15 months and learning rapidly. I was wondering when to potty train him. I guess if I'm wondering, then that means that he's not really showing signs of being ready. Thanks.

  2. So Cute!! Sorry I seem to only get on the computer on Sundays on my down time and that's the only day you don't post! Oh well I still love catching up and seeing all that you and your family are doing, highlight of my 'screen time'. Did you tell Carter about the time when the caterpillars invaded the Soo when we were kids? They were as thick as the sidewalk!!! Congrats on the potty training, Jenny still struggling with Marley....high five to Carter!