Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Repurposed Pillowcase Skirt

I made Madison a summer skirt from a repurposed vintage pillowcase I found on one of my many thrifting adventures. Its really simple, no pattern, I just cut the pillow case in half, leaving the side and bottom hems and then sewed an elastic into the top. You could use bias tape at the bottom or even add ricrak or some ribbon to fancy it up. But, Madi had strict instructions that she did not want any of that.

I also made her the headband she's wearing from some fabric I got from a used clothes "Swap till you drop" on the weekend. I will be making many more summer skirts and many more headbands for her and for myself. I love skirts in the summer and the headbands keep my fly-away frizzy hair somewhat at bay.


  1. I love this idea! I told my boyfriend that I wanted to dig out some old pillowcases from our linen closet to make a dress out of one and send it too the mission who takes them to Africa. I found a link to it on your blog and I wrote down the address with really really good intentions but haven't produced anything yet. Anyways long story short - Kenny couldn't understand why I wouldn't just buy them new dresses instead! I told him he didn't get it and that re-purposed pillow cases were an important green friendly step. Oh well! I still love the idea and have about 3 waiting to be made.

  2. cute Marci. I love the 'alright Mom - take the picture' look/pose.

  3. :waiting: for the sweater post.