Friday, May 15, 2009


Sleeping with his stuffed Willy (named after our dog) and his Waldorf doll

"What do you mean I'm not supposed to be in the pots and pans cupboard?"

"Oh I'm not going inside Mom, I love it out here . . . that is unless there's something to eat in there!"

Pressing his face up against the window after his sister and brother just finished drawing with their window crayons.

Climbing into the tupperware drawer.

Why stand at the train table when you can sit right on top of it to play?

Riding in the wagon helping to collect firework for our backyard campfire because he always wants to do whatever his big sister and big brother are doing.


  1. Your blog is great and I feel a kindred spirit with your outlook on things. Those kids are darling, and now that mine is grown and has flown the nest, I love the nostalgia of other children through blogging. Stop by my blog and say hello sometime.

  2. ok Marci his cheeks kill me he is so sweet. I like him sleeping in between willy and billy like an 'illy' sandwich

  3. Hi Marci,

    I stumbled upon this blog from

    I love it! Love the pictures of your little ones as I have a 1 year old daughter and she is all about getting into the tupperware drawer. She also loves pulling out paper from the tissue box. LOL!


  4. Wow does he ever look like you. Maddy too. So so cute. I love being able to see your little ones, it brightens my day!